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Established in 2014, Jelly Beans is one of the most sought after playpens from your child. Situated in the heart of the city, we believe in nurturing children with love and patience in order to bring the best in them and help them grown in terms of an individual. For us every child is unique and thus cannot be treated in the same way.

We have a play way method to teach and inculcate good habit among your children ensuring that they are privy to the right sort of value from their childhood. We offer quality playtime for your children and thus bring you a ‘secure’ child environment wherein your child can play to his or her heart’s content. Your children can get to play with playthings of international quality as well as indulge in group or solo activities such as jwellery making, sandpit, wooden toys, nail art and much more.

We believe in a happy childhood as this makes children develop a ‘positive mindset’ and helps them to transform into independent thinking individuals. We provide a hygienic playpen with all the amenities for your child along with a plush fully carpeted play area for your children which child proof security so that your loved ones are safe.



“Our vision is to provide a fun filled environment for children, which helps them to grow in to responsible and jovial citizens of tomorrow.”

It is important for a child to be healthy and happy. Our vision here is to provide your children with a safe and hygienic environment wherein they can play as much as they want learn and grow in a very positively conducive environment.


Our mission is to create a ‘home away from home’ which in fun filled and entertaining apart from being secure and replete with all amenities that a children’s play area demands. We are on a mission to bring smiles and laughter to each of the child who is associated with us making their wishes fulfilled. This has been out dream to make children happy and provide the parent some quality time which can be used in the most constructive and productive manner.


At Jelly Beans, we believe that a child should be happy and we are here to provide that burst of happiness. We bring to you a childhood that is fun filled and happy with an opportunity to live your dreams in a very secure and child friendly atmosphere. With us, we provide