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Play Things

Here s a whole list of interesting and socially viable games for your children which are fun to indulge in and are quite engrossing. Children of different age groups can play together thereby enhancing their social skills to a great extent. These games can suit both boys and girls and can be played for hours. These games are designed to satisfy the creative urge of the children and also to enhance their skills of mixing with children who come from diverse backgrounds and nature.

Pretend Play

This is the most basic and the most loved games of all children across all ages and cultures. The game is interesting and involves great fun and enjoyment. The children tend to get to play a lot of diverse roles.


This is the ultimate favorite playing theme for the children. Both girls and boys love to play this game and it makes the aware of the coordination and understanding that is required in a team to work together.


Take an interesting trip through the supermarket cereal aisle to practice reading food labels. Take a trip through the supermarket cereal aisle to practice reading food labels. This makes the children aware of all kinds of foods and their value in terms of the nutrition and well being.


Toolkit dramatization recreations are an extraordinary instrument for an entire huge number of reasons. They can be a piece of your warm-up, build up you as the facilitator, help bunch attachment and help understudies investigate subjects or specific abilities. Where they are set is dependent upon you.


This game is a fantasy fulfilling game where in the children get to be their fantasy characters and enact their favorite scene with dialogues and costumes. This game makes your child achieve his or her dream of being the sure hero or the favorite character for sometime in all its glory.

Hair Styling

Hair styling is a game wherein mostly girls tend to play with different textures of hairs and get to set new styles. These styles can be according to something that they have seen earlier or a figment of their imagination making the process very interesting and fun loving.

Field Trips

Jelly beans has all essential facilities to accommodate play group ,nursery ,kindergarten ,and primary children for field trips.the play area is safe and secure for playing indoor as well as outdoor.